Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newborn Session, One week old! Just Gorgeous!

So... I'm so very much excited!, I just took pictures of this little one's mom one wek before taking pictures of him!, It;s so crazy!, I feel that I know him so well!.

He's such a lovely boy!, he was totally calm the whole session, we stopped in the middle so he could eat and then continued with the session with no problem!, He was always looking at what we were doing, and he followed us around with his little beautiful eyes!, so adorable!, just loved him!, and his mom looks so good after giving birth a few days ago! OMG!

Gorgeous Pregnancy Session!

I just love this Family!, they were our neighbors in the last place that we lived, they have two beautiful kids and a third on the way!, I was so excited to be their Pregnancy Photographer!, just loved the session with them!.

The kids were so easy going and so happy!, I ust love that Mom looks so good and you can hardly tell she's pregnant!, she's put on so little weight it's amazing how good she looks in the pictures and in person!, i t was so easy and enjoyable to shoot this session!. Hope you enjoy the photos too!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pregnant Session two days before baby was Born!

This shoot was amazing!, the couple are very good friends of mine and I just loved shooting their pregnancy session!, the incredible and truly marvelous thing is that the baby was born two days after the shoot!, his name is Alexander and I just met him today and he's the most gorgeous boy you could ever see!, I'm really looking forward to the new born session in a couple of days!

Casual Session with Good Friends

I had so much fun shooting this session!!, it wasn't really planned at all, we met some friends for a quick lunch on their way to South Padre Island and we ended up eating at Wendy's, the light was so perfect and the colors coming in were so subtle I just had to shoot!

So being the photographer I am, I took out the camera and started shooting while we were talking after lunch, had a blast with the girls!, they're so photogenic! Just incredible light, incredible company and a camera are perfect for a days work!.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Session Photos... At Last!

Hello everybody!,

Well, at last I have the photos of the session I took in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. This house is the most beautiful and illuminated house you'll ever see!. Light was perfect, Sussie and Cecilia were a charm to photograph and I had a great time!
Every single time I have a session I have the most wonderful time, I feel empowered with my camera on hand and I just forsee the kind of photos we're going to get at the end!
Hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!.

N-Joy! and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Working on a New Shoot


I know I haven't been posting pictures in the las couple of weeks, but I;m currently getting ready for a Session that will take place next week in my home town and I will be shooting my Family, so that's going to be so very exciting for me!, for the first time since I started Photography I'll be taking pictures of the people I love the most!, and the coolest thing is that I get to be there now that I'm expecting my first baby!, It will be such a joyful trip, and I can't wait o see them all in person, I haven't seen them since March, so we broke the news of the pregnancy by phone and I'm really excited to se them now!.

I hope the shoot is greta, and I'm sure it will be!, I'll try some new things and I will be doing some experiments on lighting that I have read about, so I hope all goes well, I will have excellent models for the shoot so what more can I ask for?. I really look forward to it and I;ll upload the photos as soon as I have them!, so expect them on the week of May 24th!

Thank you for being here and sharing with me!, Hugs and kisses to all!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Pregnant!!

Hello Everybody!,

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I'm feeling right now. Las Tuesday I was 4 days late so I decided to take a Home pregnancy test, had done one two days before and came out negative, so I was really expecting a negative so I could call my OB/GYN and she could tell me what to do so I could get my period... Just imagine my surprise when the digital pregnancy test read "Pregnant" I started crying instantly and laughing like a crazy person!, I was so thrilled!, we had been trying to get pregnant for 9 month now and this couldn't have come in a better moment in my life!

I bought some baby shoes, draw the words "You're going to be a Daddy" on a piece of paper as a little cute sign and put the pregnancy test on top of the shoes with the sign, when my husband came home I told him to close his eyes, guided him to sit down in front of the baby shoes I had put on the table and then took my hands off his eyes, He just couldn't believe it!, tears where rolling down his eyes but he had a great big smile on his face!, and he kept asking me: "Is this a joke?", "Are you kidding me?", "Is this really true?", and I told him "Well I don't know any pregnant women who would do me the favor of peeing on a stick for me!" and we just laughed... We are so happy right now!

I'll put up some photos of the news day and the baby shoes tomorrow when I download them from the camera!

Big hugs and kisses from me and the Baby!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting Started!


So getting started wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!, specially because I had a great photographer I've been unconsciously learning from and who is, and always will be, my role model: my uncle David Lack (, and also Natalia Gaitan ( is a great teacher to learn from!.

So I did a practice photo shoot on Tuesday and another one on wednesday, and here are the results!, not bad huh? Thank you so much for your patience Natalia!, and David... get ready because I'm coming home to learn more from you now that I have more knowledge!

Thank you for following me and have a great day!