Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Working on a New Shoot


I know I haven't been posting pictures in the las couple of weeks, but I;m currently getting ready for a Session that will take place next week in my home town and I will be shooting my Family, so that's going to be so very exciting for me!, for the first time since I started Photography I'll be taking pictures of the people I love the most!, and the coolest thing is that I get to be there now that I'm expecting my first baby!, It will be such a joyful trip, and I can't wait o see them all in person, I haven't seen them since March, so we broke the news of the pregnancy by phone and I'm really excited to se them now!.

I hope the shoot is greta, and I'm sure it will be!, I'll try some new things and I will be doing some experiments on lighting that I have read about, so I hope all goes well, I will have excellent models for the shoot so what more can I ask for?. I really look forward to it and I;ll upload the photos as soon as I have them!, so expect them on the week of May 24th!

Thank you for being here and sharing with me!, Hugs and kisses to all!